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Kerrigan Presidents Series

BK1 Hidden E-Book Cover.png

Leaders In Control

Book One

"No man is an island..."

They said no man could ever replace Andrew Carter. So when he decided to take a step back from the Privy Council, he wasn't replaced by a single man. He was replaced by two.

Devon Wardell and Gabriel Alden never had the easiest relationship.

What started as teenage squabbles over the same girl, escalated into a supernatural blood-feud that grew infinitely more difficult when they became lifelong friends and their families moved in next door. After their children got married, they resolved to destroy each other once and for all.

But as usual, fate had other plans…

BK1 Hidden E-Book Cover.png

Director On A Mission

Book Two

Be careful what you wish for…

When Devon and Gabriel take over as Co-Presidents of the Privy Council, they think the hardest part will be finding a way to work together. But more difficult by far is trying to fill Carter's shoes.

After their disastrous first day of work ends with a body and a missing canister of uranium, they scramble to pick up the pieces. But before the day can finish, they receive a mysterious call.

The clock is ticking. A life may be on the line.

Armed with a box of clues and mysterious riddles, the men embark upon a wild scavenger hunt to rescue Kraigan Kerrigan. But an invisible hand is working in the shadows, and his abduction may not be what it seems. Can they find a way to pull together? Can they solve the riddles in time?

Or has that luck of theirs finally run out…?

BK1 Hidden E-Book Cover.png

Devon Seeking Guidance

Book Three

Who doesn't love a good mystery?

When Devon and Gabriel return from America and unlock Kraigan's cryptic clue, they think they can put the mess of his 'abduction' behind them. But one clue leads to another, which leads to another, which takes them to a place where neither one of them is sure they want to go.

The more layers they unravel, the deeper the mystery. What they'd thought was a harmless prank soon turns into something darker, and before they know it, the gang is in a race against time to find the truth.

The shadow organization is growing stronger by the day. Trouble is brewing within their own ranks. Is it possible to fight a war on two sides? Or do all their spinning questions lead to the same thing…?

BK1 Hidden E-Book Cover.png

Gabriel's Vanishing Light

Book Four

Be careful pulling on threads. You never know what might unravel...

When the gang's first clue in solving Kraigan's abduction leads them to the British Museum, they think it's going to be just another mission. But as always, the 'other-Kerrigan' has some tricks up his sleeve. In an act of desperation, friends are forced to lean upon some unlikely allies, but those decisions come at a cost and the price is sometimes too much to bear.

Old assumptions are questioned and friendships are tested, as Gabriel and Devon find themselves pitted against each other on opposite sides.

There are rules in place for a reason, but what happens when you bend them?
What happens when they bend so far…they break?

BK1 Hidden E-Book Cover.png

President On Edge

Book Five

Careful pulling on threads, you never know what might unravel…

When Kraigan's latest clue leads to the most unlikely of places, the Kerrigan Gang is forced to consider how far they're willing to stretch to solve the mystery of his abduction. But things have taken a turn in London, and a series of dark coincidences makes them wonder if the circumstances of his kidnapping are more serious than they first appeared.

Tensions are brewing between the Council and the Knights. A brush with the shadow organization leaves one person dead, and one in the hospital. The gang comes together to finish them once and for all, but the arrival of a mysterious package changes everything.

Could the two cases be linked? Could Kraigan be in trouble after all?

Are they already too late…?

BK1 Hidden E-Book Cover.png

Agreeing The Future

Book Six

Start the clock…

After an ill-fated adventure at the London Zoo, Devon and Gabriel are prepared to write off Kraigan Kerrigan once and for all. But when the arrival of a ghastly package leaves them reeling, they're left with an undeniable truth: their mysteries are connected.

The gang searches for answers deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, but the jungle guards those secrets carefully, and they're soon in need of a rescue themselves. The shadow organization has no intention of disbanding quietly, and it's becoming less and less likely that the 'other-Kerrigan' is even still alive.

The clock is ticking, and their enemy is already five steps ahead. There's only so much that magic can bridge the gap, before they're left to consider a horrible possibility.

What if they're already too late…?

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