Kerrigan Memoirs

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Chronicles of Devon

Book One

What comes after happily ever after…?

On paper, Devon Wardell has everything he ever wanted. The girl of his dreams, the job he trained for, the family he never hoped he could have. So why is everything starting to unravel?

After rescuing the city of London and pulling back the supernatural community from the brink of destruction, the famous friends had hoped to settle into their normal routine. Vivian is gone, the secret is protected, and despite the perpetual chaos that's hounded them since Guilder, each one has survived to fight another day. But a new threat is always on the horizon, and the agents of the Privy Council can never stay idle for long.

Torn between the dangers at work and the stresses at home, Devon finds himself struggling to keep his head above water. With his wife away on assignment and a series of dark coincidences piling up in London, he finds himself wondering if there are darker forces at play.

When you're born with a tatù, is there such a thing as normal? How does one manage to be a father and a superhero at the same time? Every day the stakes are getting higher.

How long before that delicate balance finally breaks?

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Chronicles of Angel

Book Two

What started as a nightmare, turned into a fairytale.

Some might argue, Angel Cross was doomed from the start. Born to a life of servitude and raised to be an instrument of death, the girl was never comfortable unless there was a gun in her hand.

Then she went and did the craziest thing of all…she fell in love.

While the rest of her friends slip into a simple routine of domesticated bliss and saving the world, Angel has a harder time finding her footing. Instead of explosives, she finds herself toting a car-seat. Instead of midnight homicides in Berlin, she finds herself sitting in back of the PTA.

An accidental touch of arson sentences her to Carter-appointed therapy, throwing a spotlight on all that dissonance, but things at the PC are growing rocky as well. Case files are being altered and prisoners are going missing. An inside-person may be working behind the scenes.

How long can she pull a thread, before the whole thing unravels? Was such a venture destined to fail from the start? What happens if you realize…happily ever after isn't enough?

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Chronicles of Julian

Book Three

How does one carry the weight of two worlds…?

Since the day he turned sixteen, Julian Decker had been the supernatural world's security blanket, safeguarding the future of magic with the gift of prophecy again, and again, and again. It was a delicate balance and a crushing responsibility, but the good had always outweighed the bad.

Or so he believed.

When Julian is sent on a dangerous deep-cover mission, all those certainties are thrown into question as he finds himself facing the worst of life's evils once again. The darkness they battle seems doomed to overtake the light, and the death of a friend makes him wonder if he wants to keep fighting anymore.

Why keep waging the war, when history seems fated to repeat itself? Why spend all your time in the future, if you never get to live in the here and now? At what point is that burden meant to rest on someone else's shoulders?

At what point do you say: enough is enough.

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Chronicles of Molly

Book Four

The proverbs say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. But sometimes the proverbs get it wrong.

Molly Skye has the life she always dreamed of. A ritzy penthouse in the city. A child she adores. A best friend to share in all her magical adventures, and a gorgeous husband waiting in her bed.

But the problem with dreams, is they vanish when it's time to wake up.

When Molly gets an urgent call from her mother, she's forced to return to the family home relocated in Scotland. But things have never been easy between the two women, and when tensions erupt between them, it's unlikely the little rural town will ever be the same.

A surprise visitor arrives to the cool those fiery tempers, but when a massive prison break shakes the foundations of the Privy Council, all bets are off. The friends make plans to race back to London, only to discover they aren't the only ones in Scotland and that trouble has already arrived.

What happens when the old world collides with the new? When the dust finally settles, will there be anything that survived? Maybe those proverbs got one thing right after all.

One way or another…there's no place like home.

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Chronicles of Gabriel

Book Five

Coming Soon...

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Chronicles of Rae

Book Six

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